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To provide quality tax advice, we first seek our clients' point of view and then add our experience with complex topics, our accounting expertise and our solid academic background.

Bueno de Oliveira

For over 10 years Matheus has headed the tax area of ​​renowned São Paulo law firms. His experience with accounting and international topics enables him to handle complex tax cases. He graduated from USP and passed the New York Bar Exam.

Lains Higashino

Fernanda has always worked in the tax area, having been part of traditional law firms and a holding company for a large business group with operational branches in several segments. She has been coordinator of tax, judicial and administrative litigation since 2014.

Expertise: TAX

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Planning and Preventive Guidance

Opinions for making important decisions and day-to-day consulting.
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Administrative and Judicial Litigation

Sponsorship of the Defense of Interests in Tax Litigation, preventive and reactive.
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International Investments

Tax Advisory in Transnational Operations (Inbound and Outbound).
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Wealth Planning

Wealth, Succession and Tax Planning for Families, Individuals and Expatriates.


We are recognized among the best law firms in the market by renowned research institutions.


“... it is excellent to have an advisor like you, who masters the law and manages to provide a theoretical legal vision, and, at the same time, the understanding of those who judge and alert them to the practical risk.”

“...Matheus Bueno de Oliveira is ‘a competent and reliable lawyer’.”

“…I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fernanda, an extremely well-prepared professional, who has the ability to understand the client's needs and present adequate and well-founded solutions, regardless of the complexity of the topic.”

“Extremely competent professionals, with service above what is expected in the market.”

“I believe that the technically efficient treatment, combined with the promptness of the service, makes the firm different.“

“Matheus Bueno conveys a lot of confidence and tranquility in attending to queries in the tax area.“

“Very efficient and up-to-date tax consultancy services. The office is qualified even for highly complex services.“

“Bueno Tax provide tailored advice for very complex fiscal and tax matters in Brazil. They have practitioners that specialise in both the consulting and litigation aspects of such matters, and their proficiency in English and experience abroad are definite differentiators.”

“The office has a proactive approach, with excellent service and available partners. In my experience, the firm’s knowledge of international taxation and an objective approach were differentials.”

“Matheus Bueno, excellent professional.“

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Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1327 - 8º andar
Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1327 - 8º andar
São Paulo - SP, Brazil
São Paulo - SP, Brasil
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CEP: 04543-011